This Week in the Captains Corner

Hi everyone,

This week in captain’s corner I'm talking about our match up with Leicester and Newcastle and what we do on long Road trips.


What do you think it's going to take to have the edge over Leicester in the Cup game on Saturday? 


We are going to need to bring the same defensive intensity we have displayed since the beginning of the season. Defence has been the foundation of our early success and that's going to be the focus going into the Cup game. Bench production will also play a big role every lion will have an impact on the outcome.


How do you prepare on the coach on long away trips? 


Everyone prepares differently, I just try to relax as much as possible. This season we are all taking part in a NBA fantasy league so when we are not talking about BBL game strategies we are usually arguing about who has the best team and if anyone wants to trade Stephen Curry (my #1 draft pick) for Kevin Durant or James Harding. I really like long road trips it gives the guys a chance to hang out together and the best conversations and debates usually break out.


After the win against Newcastle, what do you think they'll bring to the table in the rematch?


Newcastle are a good organisation with one of the most winning coaches in the League so I know they will defiantly come ready to play with a strategy that they believe will give them the best chance of winning: but I also know if we stick to our game plan and execute what we have been practicing it will be the same result as it was earlier in the season.


What do you think Lions need to improve on?


In the way of improvements I would say defence no matter how good we are playing it can always be better. I think if we can hold teams to about 70 points a game we will be even harder to beat than we already are, it's a good thing that's what we are working on day in and day out.


Thanks for taking time out to read this you can keep up with me on all social media @Jicanwin and at once again enjoy the game and don't forget to hang around after to take pictures with the team.


P.S. don't forget to get your tickets for our next home game as soon as possible. I'll be there 🙂

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