Basketball teamwork is in fact very important as it allows the team to function together and not individually. When you talk about teamwork, the thing that should stand out should be the team – a collective group that works together to attain a common goal. In every league or organization, teamwork is essential in achieving success, because without it, coaches, team leaders, and managers will not have anyone to lead as every member is working on their own, an exhibition of selfishness so to speak. When people work together as a team, even if they were not great as individuals, working together can make them great. Now imagine being great already with your individual skills, working together can even make your team undefeatable.

The truth is you will often find a group composed of individuals with extraordinary skills, but because they all think of themselves as superstar players and dismiss working collectively as a team, they end up losing to inferior teams that work closely together to cover each other’s shortcomings. However, in order to achieve such effective team mentality, you need to commit and work hard with the team as a team.

The truth is even at the highest level of basketball, the NBA, teamwork still plays a big part as the game after all is not a one-man show. Players who do not know how to pass the ball or handles the ball exclusively just because he is known as the star player of the team, to the point of hogging the ball, does not represent a good basketball player, but a selfish one. He may be able to bring some wins for the team, but he will likely never be able to bring home a championship.

During offensive situations, teamwork is vital because you need to confuse the defense on who will take the shot or where the shot will come from. If there is only one person making the shot for the team, then the defense will mostly concentrate their efforts in putting a stop to their scorer. Once the defense double teams the top scorer, if he does not know how to pass the ball to his teammates and still continues to push despite the defense, no matter how good he is, the team is bound to lose a few, if not several, possession. To play teamwork effectively, a good player will attract defenders towards him and then try to pass the ball to an open teammate.

During defensive situations, teamwork is actually vital because there is likely one offensive player who is planning to penetrate the defense. Should you find yourself in the capacity to defend the area of penetration even if he is not your man, this means your man is open and a teammate should be able to anticipate this and provide rotation to cover for you as you are covering for them. Players who are selfish will simply stick to their man and won’t step out of their way to provide a second line of defense.

Once players are in tune with each other, they are able to move selflessly around the floor whether it is during offensive or defensive situations. In fact, they don’t even need to tell others or each other what to do. They simply look at the situation and move accordingly to cover each other. When players attempt an alley-oop with defenders in their offensive court, do they shout “let’s us go do an alley-oop?” Of course not. This tells the defenders what their intention is and will likely be able to foil their plan. The reason why players are able to do such a maneuver is simply because they are in tune with each other.


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