Passing is currently the most neglected skill in basketball today. There is not enough emphasis put on the importance of passing and the need to be a good passer. Good coaches will explain to a player that the quality of a pass determines the quality of a shot. In order score, the defense has to be be moved or shifted. A good pass is the most effective way to accomplish this action.

Basketball players need to be trained on how to properly throw two-handed chest passes, two-handed bounce passes, two-handed overhead passes. The baseball pass is for situations a player may need to get the ball up the court over the defense. These skills are mastered by practicing these passes in using them in game situations.

The fundamental rules of passing are: 1. If you have a clear path between you and your teammate, pass the ball. 2. If your teammate is ahead of you, pass the ball. 3. Do not pass-fake to open teammates, pass the ball. 4. Passing is not a last resort. A player should not pass the basketball as a last resort if they cannot shoot the ball. Pass the basketball to your teammate to get your team the best quality of a shot.

It is important to work on passing the same way you work on ball handling, shooting and footwork. Passing will make you a multi-dimensional player instead of a one-dimensional player. Good basketball teams work on passing and take pride in it as well.

Remember, being a good passer will make you a great teammate! If a player cannot pass, the basketball dies in their hands!

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