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Born and raised in the East End of London, Joe began playing basketball in secondary school at the age of 14. Joe began his National League career at the East London Royals playing under the Late Humphrey Long and Chris Morgan. From the age of 16-20, he represented England & Captained the Great Britain Team in international competitions, while attending Barking Abbey Basketball Academy. Joe then spent the next five years studying and playing college basketball in the United States of America, at Seminole State College and South Carolina State University before returning to the U.K to begin his professional career. Joe is currently the Captain of the London Lions and represented England in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


Joe is hardworking and dedicated. He is driven to achieve and committed to developing his own strengths and talents. As a reserved and respectful individual, he is an excellent role model to others. His cheeky grin gives a small insight into his comical and playful manner, while his calm demeanor reassures others when in his presence.


Having been born and raised in the East End of London, Joe still finds himself fully committed to giving back to his local community. When in London, he's keen to spend his time enjoying various places and attractions within the city, as well as visiting his favourite places where he grew up. Being able to combine both is always a big plus for Joe.

Hobbies & interests

Joe has a variety of interests and hobbies when he's not playing basketball. Known among his friends as a big movie buff, Joe enjoys watching and reviewing movies - one of his favourites being Fight Club. Joe is also a passionate gamer and has a keen interest in graphic novels, check out his wishlist in the Joe Zone.

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Joe’s Basketball life

Where and When

Before Pro

August 2007-
May 2010
Seminole State College
Freshman – Sophomore year

Joe had a solid start to his freshmen season at Seminole State College a NJCAA division one school,which was abruptly haltered due to a back injury; forcing him to red-shirt his freshmen year. After recovering from the injury he continued to show the promise he had shown earlier in his red-shirt freshmen year going onto...

August 2010-
May 2012
South Carolina State Bulldogs
Junior - Senior year

Joe’s division one colleague career started off strong, coming off the bench and averaging 12 points and 6 rebounds in 15 minutes over the first four games; earning him honourable mention in the M.E.A.C. 6th man of the week. Over the course of the season, Joe went on to be a regular starter. His colleague...

Pro Life

November 2012
May 2013
Newcastle Eagles
Rookie Year

Joe Ikhinmwin's professional basketball career started with the 2012/2013 season signing with the most prestigious BBL team in history, the Newcastle Eagles. His debut game was on the 26th October 2012 against the number one seeded team at the time, the Leicester Riders. A stand out performance was against the Durham Wildcats; he scored 21...

September 2013 –
May 2014
London Lions
Sophomore Year

Joe started his London Lions career in September 2013 with his Debut BBL game on the 27th September against The Manchester Magic at the Copperbox Arena. In this first game, he showed his strengths and talents with a massive double-double of 24 points and 14 rebounds; securing the team the win. Plus, his name in...

Other Ventures

What I do

Check out the 'The Joe Zone' for all the latest news on Joe. Find out where and what commercials projects he is working on, as well as what he gets up to in his spare time. It is the home of all Joe's social media so its the best place to stay up to date with all things Joe.Click HERE to go there now, don't forget to like, share, follow and leave comments.
Joe is an ambassador of ICanWin Sports. ICanWin Sports is a professional coaching company that provides quality first teaching to children of all ages developing children’s health and well being through sporting activities. Ikanwin provides a professional and reliable sporting education through a range of activities such as volleyball, basketball, boxing, dance and multi-skills. For more information check out www.ICanWinsports.com
Joe is 1/3 of The Cyber Nerds; The #1 place for Trailer Reactions, Movie Reviews and all things Movie & Nerd Related on the internet! Their aim is to build a community bringing their views and opinions together with those who share the same passion! To explore what the community deems worthy to talk about! youtube.com/thecybernerds
Joe is an excellent role model and a confident public speaker. As a British athlete who has grown up in London, Joe has personally experienced the highs and lows of sports with confined areas. His strong family links make him a caring and approachable athlete perfect for working with children. Joe runs private basketball sessions, and also coaches schools and clubs for more info click here NOW He is able to deliver whole school assemblies relating talks to any school topics or themes. To arrange a session with Joe, contact info@ICanWinsports.com

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Thank you for taking the time to look through the official website of Joe Ikhinmwin. Jicanwin.com. Joe is always pleased to hear from his supporters and fans. Make sure you show your support for Joe by following him on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to like his Facebook Fan page too! Feel free to contact us with any queries or for any further information about what you have seen.

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